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The Trigger Wheel is a handheld massage tool designed to provide myofascial release and deep tissue self-massage. It features a single 2" nylon wheel with a 1/4" oval treating surface for concentrated pinpoint massaging, targeting areas too small or too difficult to be reached by the Stick. It's great for working out tight knots in muscles such as the neck, traps, pecs, forearms, and calves. Its unique design also allows for both pin-point pressure and broad strokes for faster rollouts and increased functionally. 



  • Pinpoint accurate myofascial release
  • Helps the user reach areas too small or difficult to reach with traditional tools such as The Stick
  • Lessens muscle pain and soreness
  • Increases circulation of oxygenated blood in order to speed up recovery
  • Small & portable size makes it ideal for using during travel or after workouts

The Stick Trigger Wheel Massager

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