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The Ossur Formfit Air Ankle Stirrup provides maximum support and protection for your ankle. The stirrup is made with a lightweight and breathable material that allows for comfortable wear throughout the day. The Formfit Air Stirrup is perfect for those who suffer from acute injuries, ankle sprains, chronic instability, or post-cast healing. This ankle brace restricts the side to side motion of the ankle, providing stability and support to the injured area. The signature Flex-Edge™ overmold surrounds the stirrup’s outer shell protecting your skin from any hard edges, creating a comfortable fit.



  • Provides inversion and eversion restriction while allowing for normal dorsi/plantar flexion (up & down ankle motion) of the ankle.
  • Fits both right and left ankles
  • Soft Flex-Edge™ overmold for increased comfort
  • Adjustable heel strap to optimize patient fit and comfort
  • Slip-resistant silicone dots to reduce slipping and stabilize the foot inside of shoe


Formfit® Air Ankle Stirrup

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