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We are hiring!

Movement Specialists


People rely on us to help keep them in the game, on the job and doing what they love. We take our responsibility seriously; to provide the very best solution to each unique individual that trusts us to make life better.


Our staff enjoy using their knowledge of movement to find personalized off-the-shelf and custom injury solutions for our clients. These solutions include : custom knee braces, off-the-shelf braces & supports, compression socks, as well as rehab & release tools.


Paris everyBODY is looking for the “right” candidate to join our team as a Human Movement Specialist. We are currently hiring for a temporary full-time position, during the summer, at our Port Coquitlam store. This position will become a part-time one in the fall, with the possibility of permanent full-time.


The main responsibilities of a Human Movement Specialist are:

  • Be a solution provider to both of our customers (people in the store and healthcare professionals)

  • Provide exceptional customer service

  • Fit and supply orthopedic braces and other sports medicine products

  • Help ensure the store runs effectively and efficiently

  • Provide administrative support to Pedorthists/clinicians and other staff


Apply via  email with your Resume!

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