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The Rebound® Post-Op Knee brace is designed to provide support and protection for patients recovering from knee surgery or injury. It features a unique hinge design that allows for adjustable range of motion (ROM) control, as well as the ability to lock the knee in full extension for immobilization. The brace is made from lightweight, breathable materials for maximum comfort and has adjustable straps for a customized fit.



  • Adjustable straps fro customized fit
  • Number system on the frame for easier application
  • Allows for adjustable ROM control to aid in rehabilitation
  • Lightweight and the edges are protected for your comfort


* Should be sized by one of our Movement Specialists or your Healthcare Professional prior to surgery

* Measurement taken on the thigh 6" above mid-patella

* XL is a special order

Rebound® Post-Op Knee

  • Book a free consult online to talk to one of our Human Movement Specialists. We are providing virtual video, call and chats to help you select the injury solutions, the fit and sizing.