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Protec’s Travel size foam roller is the ideal way to get in a deep tissue massage wherever you are. It’s smaller than the traditional foam rollers, so it fits perfectly into suitcases and other tight spaces. The 4" diameter is small enough to fit in any suitcase and powerful enough to relieve tension anywhere anytime!  Constructed from 100% EVA foam, this foam roller provides an effective massage with a lightweight design. The textured surface of the Travel Size Foam Roller provides just enough grip for user control while helping prevent slipping out of control. Not just for travelling, this roller is perfect for gyms as well--it takes up less space than other rollers but performs just as well. No matter where you find yourself, don't leave home without one!



  • Get all the benefits of foam rolling without sacrificing portability or effectiveness
  • Gently work on muscles to reduce soreness, tension, and improve flexibility
  • Perfect size & weight allows user to quickly move between various pressure points without having to shift large foam rollers around

Travel Size Foam Roller

  • We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you have questions, book a free online consult or chat with one of our Human Movement Specialists before adding this product to cart.