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The Concorde Yoga Strap is designed with all-level yogis in mind. It's a versatile practitioner essential, enabling you to hold poses that would otherwise be hard to reach on your own. Easy to use and adjustable with a strong, yet comfortable 100% cotton material, this strap will be your go to for a wide range of poses and everyday yoga practice. With 6 feet of length and a tough plastic buckle, it's it great for easing into practice and deepening your stretches.



  • Enables deeper stretches
  • Provides optimal balance and alignment
  • Supports ambitious yoga postures
  • Ease into your practice without uncomfortable straining
  • Gives you extra reach to hold postures longer and deepen stretches
  • Not just for yoga, it can be used on it's own as a stretching aid post-workout

Yoga Strap

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