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Urban Poling ACTIVATOR ℗ Poles are trekking poles which provide the perfect accompaniment on your outdoor walks. These unique walking poles feature durable and lightweight carbon fiber that makes them easy to carry with you while reducing stress on your joints. Their patented design prioritizes your safety while optimizing strength, stability, and off-loading.


ACTIVATOR ℗ Poles can be helpful for those undergoing hip or knee surgery, individuals with soft tissue injuries, Parkinson's disease, stroke survivors, multiple sclerosis, or chronic pain.



  • Reduce stress and strain on joints, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Telescopic, adjustable design for heights between 4’2” to 6’
  • Patented ergonomic Coregrip designed for core strengthening, balance and off-loading while reducing strain on the wrist
  • Bell shaped tip for stability
  • 3 Anti-vibration features to minimize stress on joints


*Maximum user weight is 250 lbs (114 kg)


PriceFrom C$33.00
  • We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you have questions, book a free online consult or chat with one of our Human Movement Specialists before adding this product to cart.