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The PUSH Sports Patella Band is designed to provide support for the patellar tendon, helping to prevent and relieve knee pain caused by running, jumping and other high impact activities. This innovative brace has an adjustable strapping system that allows you to adjust the levels of compression on both sides of the patellar tendon, ensuring a proper fit. The unique pressure pad applies direct pressure to the infrapatellar tendon, providing effective relief from patellar tendonitis, Osgood-Schlatter syndrome, and Jumper’s Knee. With its slim profile and breathable materials, this brace is comfortable enough to wear all day and won’t interfere with your daily routine or activity.



  •  Low profile with little bulk behind the kne
  • Enhances knee joint stability by holding the kneecap in its correct position during movement
  • Pad absorbs shock to the patellar tendon with every step, minimizing pain
  • Customize level of compression

Push Sports Patella Band

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