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The Medspec Ryno Lacer is a wrist and thumb brace designed to provide support and immobolize the wrist and thumb joint. It features three aluminum stays and a unique lacing system that allows for easy one-handed application and adjustable compression. The brace is made from breathable materials and a felt liner that wick away moisture, keeping your skin dry and comfortable. The Ryno Lacer is ideal for those suffering from wrist and thumb injuries, such as de Quervain's, gamekeeper's thumb, and scaphoid fractures.



  • Helps alleviate pain and discomfort associated with wrist and thumb injuries
  • Provides support and stability during activities that require repetitive wrist and thumb movements
  • Can also be used for post-cast healing
  • The radial, palmar, and dorsal can be bent to the desired degree of flexion or extension of the wrist and abduction or adduction of the thumb dependent on treatment protocol



Med Spec Ryno Lacer

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