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Cover-Roll® Stretch combines the advantages of a self adhesive soft stretch conforming product with the convenience of total covering protection of a film dressing. The 80% breathable copolymer film is completely impermeable to water and microorganisms, protecting wounds from further damages and helps to reduce pain associated with dressings. Its versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of taping applications, including McConnell patellar taping technique, securing rigid dressings and preventing turf burns and skin abrasions on elbows.



  • Often used in conjunction with Leukotape
  • The soft, stretchable non-woven polyester material adapts well to body contours 
  • Radio-transparent to eliminate the need to remove for x-ray examinations 
  • 100% latex-free 

Cover-Roll® Stretch

PriceFrom C$11.00
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