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Written by our Human Movement Specialists

What is Carpal Tunnel?

Repetitive movements, vibration or long periods of holding the wrist in the same awkward position can cause swelling in the wrist. It’s the swelling exerting pressure on the median nerve, as it runs through the “carpal tunnel” that creates the discomfort of the wrist and fingers.

The wrist is comprised of eight carpal bones and the median nerve runs between them and under the transverse carpal ligament that connects the bones of the forearm.

How we help

Using a brace to restrict repetitive motion and keep the wrist straight helps lessen the symptoms and promote healing. Sometimes it’s not practical to wear a rigid splint during daily activities, so the use of a brace may be limited to night-time which is enough to see improvement in symptoms.

We have a selection of wrist braces to fit your shape and lifestyle as well as resistance products to prevent repetitive stress injuries in the first place.

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