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Written by our Human Movement Specialists

What is a scaphoid fracture?

The scaphoid bone is one of the small bones in your wrist, located near the base of your thumb. If you extend your thumb away from your other fingers, you will see a depression between two tendons called the “anatomical snuffbox”, this is where your scaphoid bone is. Due to its location and the forces exerted on it during a fall, it is one of the most commonly fractured carpal bones.

Symptoms of a scaphoid fracture:

  • Pain

  • Swelling

  • Limited range of motion

  • Difficulty gripping or twisting motions

  • Tenderness in the wrist, particularly on the thumb side

A middle aged man skateboarding at a cement skatepark

What are the most common causes of a scaphoid fracture?

  1. Fall onto an outstretched hand: When a person falls forward and uses their hand to break the fall, the impact is transferred through the wrist. The force of the fall can cause the scaphoid bone to bear significant stress, resulting in a fracture.

  2. Sports injuries: Activities such as skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and other sports where falls are common can also lead to scaphoid fractures. The combination of speed, impact, and the instinct to brace yourself with the hands increases the risk.

  3. Motor vehicle accidents: In some cases, high-velocity accidents where the hand is suddenly forced backward or twisted can also cause scaphoid fractures.

A Paris everyBODY Movement Specialist fitting a woman with a wrist brace

How to Treat a Scaphoid Fracture?

The severity of a scaphoid fracture greatly influences the treatment plan. Your healthcare professional will determine which option is right for you but most commonly it involves immobilizing your wrist and/or thumb.

For less severe fractures where the bone is not displaced, immobilizing the wrist is usually the first line of treatment. This is often done using a cast or a wrist splint. Immobilization helps to keep the bone in place and allows it to heal properly without the need for surgical intervention.


We offer a range of wrist braces with thumb support that are ideal for daily use or post-operative care. These braces are designed to provide the necessary stability and comfort, promoting effective healing while allowing you to go about your daily activities with minimal disruption.

How we can help

Personalized Solutions

Our Human Movement Specialists are trained to assess your specific situation and recommend the most suitable wrist support. We understand that every injury and every person is different, so we take the time to fit your brace for your shape, your lifestyle, and your story.


High-Quality Braces

We carry a selection of premium orthopaedic wrist braces with thumb support designed to offer optimal stability and comfort. Whether you need a brace for daily wear or post-operative use, we will find what you need.


Expert Advice

Our Movement Specialists are kinesiology trained and are available to chat with you about your injury as well as fit you for the perfect wrist support. We take the time to answer your questions and make sure you leave with a comfortable fit.


Rehab Products

Our commitment to your recovery extends beyond just wearing a wrist splint or cast. We offer a variety of specialized rehabilitation products for hand therapy, designed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve overall hand function.


Whether you're recovering from a scaphoid fracture or managing chronic wrist issues, our tailored rehab tools like therapeutic putty and grip strengtheners are here to support your journey back to full mobility and everyday activities.


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