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The MedSpec Tripod Wrist Lacer provides stability and support for carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and wrist sprains. With its unique lace closure design, the Wrist Lacer provides equal tension across all four laces to easily generate uniform compression along the wrist support. This patented design offers superior comfort, immobilization and ease of application. The aluminum stays provide customizable support for additional comfort, range of motion control, and over-the-counter relief from your wrist pain symptoms.



  • Prevents flexion and extension of the wrist as well as radial-ulnar deviation
  • The aluminum ulnar, palmar and dorsal stays can be removed for a a progressive treatment protocol and/or customized for a more secure fit
  • Polypropylene felt liner and perforated suede allow moisture to evaporate away from the skin
  • Comes with a palmar pad for enhanced support by matching the contour of the palm

Med Spec Tripod Wrist Lacer

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