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K-Tape® is the original kinesiology tape is a holistic way to support muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve athletic performance.  The unique elastic fibres move with the body and lift the skin off of muscles to promote circulation, reduce pain and swelling wherever you need it most. Made from 100% cotton fabric is specifically engineered for enhanced comfort and breathability, allowing you to wear it during high intensity activities such as running, yoga or contact sports.



  • Support muscles, tendons, and joints
  • Made to be hypoallergenic with a latex free adhesive for superior comfort 
  • Superior durability that lasts up to 7 days through sweat, showers and more
  • Improves range of motion & mobility



PriceFrom C$9.50
  • We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you have questions, book a free online consult or chat with one of our Human Movement Specialists before adding this product to cart.