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Written by our Human Movement Specialists

Rehab and Wellness while on the move

Don’t let travelling during the leave you feeling.

Maximize wellness on the go, have a look at our suggestions to make your trip a little easier.

Here are some ways we can help you if you are travelling:

1. Spending time in the sand? Wear supportive sandals to keep your feet happy enough to see all the local attractions.

2. Missing your gym membership? Pack resistance band or tubing to stay fit on the go with minimal space in your suitcase.

3. Taking to the skies? Wear 15-20mmHg compression socks to prevent swelling and ensure you have enough energy for all those welcome home hugs.

4. Out in the hills or on the water? Try packing the travel roller and P3 analgesic cream to relax those sore muscles.

5. Spending hours in a car getting to family? Use the LumbAir back support to engage your core and encourage better posture to prevent a stiff back.

All of these products are available at our full-service retail clinic locations.



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