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What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Hurt to plant your foot on the ground when getting out of bed?

Then you may have plantar fasciitis. Plantar what? The name comes from a thick band of connective tissue (fascia) on the bottom of the foot (the plantar surface) and is named one of the most common heel problems by Canadian Certified Pedorthists. It is often felt as heel pain first thing in the morning with your first few steps of leaving your cozy bed. Usually the pain begins to decrease as the tissue “warms up”. However, the pain may re-occur after a period of rest. Perhaps after you’ve been sitting through a long meeting then stand up and feel a sudden sharp pain in your foot leaving you limping… Sound familiar?

Say it again PLAN-tur fas-e-I-tis.

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How we help

There are multiple reasons why you might suddenly be suffering from sore feet. The most frequent are: abnormal pronation (foot rolling inwards), high arches or flat feet, weight gain, and changes in activity or lifestyle. One of our Certified Pedorthist’s can help determine which is your root cause by doing a thorough assessment. Not only are they examining how your foot, ankle and knee joints move they are learning about what makes you, you. This is the Paris WHOLEistic approach.

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Treatment Options and Appointments

These tiny details help determine why or where the pain started as well as the best treatment options for you. Some of those options are: custom foot orthotics, stretching exercises and tools ThermaWedge, massage tools, cold packs, night splints and advice regarding appropriate footwear.

Have no fear, if caught early plantar fasciitis symptoms can be significantly reduced in the first month. However, left untreated it can take up to a year to feel relief as the pain can become chronic. So if you are experiencing nagging foot pain, make an appointment with one of our Pedorthists.

We will help you find relief.

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