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Written by our Canadian Certified Pedorthist

Why choose Paris Orthotics?

We understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing a custom foot orthotic provider in Vancouver, but not all of them care like a Paris. Those that learn and work with Stephen Paris, our founder, and his sister, Martha Paris, beyond a doubt become a special kind of Pedorthist, a Paris Pedorthist. With a lifetime of knowledge and experience, this sibling-duo collaborate and inspire our entire team to work for the betterment of everyBODY.

Paris Pedorthists

What makes a Paris Pedorthist special is embracing Stephen’s WHOLEistic approach to client assessment and treatment; “start with the feet, begin from the ground up, but consider the whole-body mechanics in the search for the root cause”. This ability to connect the dots, between everything from your hips to the soles of your feet, and truly look at the person “WHOLEistically” to ensure the very best patient outcome is our Paris brand magic: Paris CARE.

Stephen Paris' Philosophy

As Stephen Paris says “people rely on us to help them stay functioning” and we take that job very seriously. The responsibility to be truly curious about providing the very best solution for each unique individual that trusts us to make life better. As Paris Pedorthists, our goal for client-care goes beyond pain management and return to activity. We aspire to help people live their best lives, to play with passion and move with confidence.


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