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Written by a Human Movement Specialist

A pedorthist is holding a new custom foot orthotic against a client's foot to check the fit

Like everything else, your custom foot orthotics will wear out at some point. That depends on many factors, including the orthotic material and how often you wear them. One of the benefits of custom foot orthotics is they will last longer than off-the-shelf insoles, typically several years vs. several months for the latter.

Generally it is time for a new pair if you notice significant wear and your orthotics are over five years old.

Reasons you might need a new pair of orthotics are:

Pain: Returning or new pain in your feet or other joints is usually a sign you aren't getting the support you need from your orthotics anymore. Since your feet are the foundation of your body, if your orthotics are worn out, you may feel aches or pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even your back.

A woman sitting on the edge of a bed holding her sore foot

Physical changes: Your orthotics are customized for a precision fit based on your body measurements and mechanics. These factors are essential pieces of the design puzzle, so if one of them changes, your orthotics may be less effective. Changes include pregnancy, weight fluctuations, injury, or surgery to your lower body.

Lifestyle changes: Different activities may require different footwear because of how your feet move while wearing them. Although you can move your orthotics from shoe to shoe, moving them between different footwear styles only sometimes works. An orthotic for a high-heel won't support you properly in a running shoe. That's why we make everyday orthotics, sport-specific orthotics, dress shoe orthotics, diabetic and other specialized orthotics, and orthotics for kids.

Backup: Whether you are tired of moving your orthotics between your shoes or your favourite four-legged friend chewed up your only pair, it's nice to have another set on hand. You may be eligible for a new orthotics yearly if you have extended medical benefits.

How to get another pair

We recommend starting by scheduling a virtual re-assessment with one of our Canadian Certified Pedorthists. Your Pedorthist will discuss any changes in your medical history, assess your current orthotics and recommend a treatment plan to include modifications to your current orthotics, getting a new pair, or both!

A pedorthist doing a virtual orthotic assessment on the computer

Fun fact

If your foot shape and condition have stayed the same, we can use the existing mold of your feet on file to make your new set of orthotics. So you save 25% when we do this!

Not all orthotics need to be replaced

Your orthotics consist of several components: a firm shell designed to position and correct your biomechanics and soft materials to stabilize your foot and improve your comfort. Unfortunately, these components on the top or bottom of your orthotics will wear out before the shell does. So to keep you comfortable, we recommend repairing your orthotics every year. As a general rule of thumb, if there is visible wear and tear on your orthotics, but otherwise, they work well for you, it's time to refurbish them. You can drop them off at one of our locations or book an appointment* to repair them.

Claiming your orthotics with insurance?

You might need the following:

  • A new biomechanical & gait assessment

  • A new prescription*

  • Manufacturing & casting confirmation (we will provide this for you)

Our hands will keep you on your feet! Call us or book an appointment online.

*it typically takes 2-3 business days to repair your orthotics. If you book an appointment, you will be charged an appointment fee.

*Prescription must be written by a health professional approved by your insurance plan and should indicate a medical diagnosis


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