Written by our Human Movement Specialists

Why Compression for Performance?

Whether you are running marathons, playing basketball, or going for your daily jog, everyBODY could see an improvement in their performance from wearing compression socks.

Compression socks

Made for activity

There is a type of compression sock created specifically to be worn during athletic activity. The key features of Sigvaris Performance socks are designed to keep feet cool and dry, stabilize the Achilles tendon, prevent blisters and of course provide graduated compression.

Benefits of Compression

Other benefits of improved circulation are:

  • Prevent muscle cramps

  • Reduce muscle soreness

  • Eliminate lactic acid

  • Improve endurance

  • Reduce recovery time

  • Reduce muscle vibration

Performance socks come in a variety of fun colours to suit your workout gear! Visit one of our locations to discuss your options with one of our Brace Fitters.

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