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Grades of Ankle Sprains

The majority of ankle sprains are inversion sprains where the foot turns an abnormal amount relative to the ankle. This "tweak" can be defined in grades:

  • Grade 1 a little sore & swollen

  • Grade 2 partial tear of ligaments results in prolonged pain & possible difficulty weight-bearing

  • Grade 3 a full tear resulting severe pain, swelling, bruising and instability.

We carry ankle braces for each but grade 3 usually means a trip to a doctor to rule out a break.

Preventing Chronic Ankle Sprains

Wear Protective Bracing

Wearing an ankle brace aligns and supports the ankle joint during activity especially during quick stop & starts or changes in direction as in many sports like soccer or basketball. We have a range of options to fit in all footwear types or in none at all.

Try Strengthening Exercises

After an ankle sprain the tissue becomes less elastic due to the presence of scar tissue. That lack of stretch can put you at future risk of re‑injury. Strengthen the surrounding muscles by incorporating balance products and/or resistance into your recovery plan.

Work On Flexibility

Improving your ankle mobility allows for a greater range of motion during activities making you less susceptible for re‑injury. Connect with one of our Human Movement Specialists to learn more about our product offerings.

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