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Written by our Human Movement Specialists

What are Resistance Bands?

Whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner, everyBODY can benefit from using resistance bands.

Resistance bands are an affordable and effective way to get in shape. Used for strength and toning, these banded pieces of equipment can be used as part of a home or gym workout. Learn about the benefits of using resistance bands, as well as how to choose the right level for your fitness goals.

Choosing the Right Resistance Band

When it comes to resistance bands, there is no one-size-fits-all option. It’s important to select the right type and level of resistance for you. They are available in variety of strengths indicated by different colors are are available with handles, as a loop, or cut to your preferred length.

There are light (thin) bands for small muscle groups, medium (thicker) bands for larger muscle groups, and heavy (thickest) bands for those who want more intensity. For maximum benefits, ensure that your band fits securely around your legs or arms without slipping or overstretching.

It’s preferable to have a set of resistance bands in different levels of tension so that you can choose the right one for any exercise. If you need help selecting the type and level of resistance best for you, our Movement Specialists are able to recommend the type and level of band most suited to your individual needs. Choosing the right resistance band is important because it helps reduce risk of injury and ensures maximum benefits from each workout session.

Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

1. Low Impact Exercise

Using resistance bands offer a low impact workout that is safe no matter your current fitness level. The elasticity of the band eliminates much of the strain on joints and body parts, meaning there is less risk for injury or fatigue. Resistance training protects you from overworking certain muscles or putting unnecessary strain on joints, making it an ideal exercise choice for those with joint conditions or injuries.

2. Increased Range of Motion & Flexibility

Resistance bands allow for a full range of motion that cannot be achieved with easier weights. This means you can target muscles more effectively and reduce the risk of injury from restricted movement. As the band stretches, it forces the targeted muscles to work more in order to control the position. This type of training also improves flexibility, which may help to prevent injuries and improve performance.

3. Improved Muscle Strength and Endurance

Working out with resistance bands can lead to improved muscle strength and endurance. The bands provide consistent tension throughout the entire range of motion, allowing you to perform continuous repetitions without much rest that leads to muscle fatigue. This type of training helps to increase muscular endurance and build stronger muscles over time.

4. Compact and Versatile Workout Tool

Resistance bands are lightweight and compact, making them a great choice for anyone looking for an easy and versatile workout tool. The bands don’t take up much space and can be easily incorporated into any home gym. Plus, they are incredibly adjustable. You can regulate the amount of resistance depending on your needs by adjusting the tension level of the band and adding or removing loops.

5. Cost Effective Option for Home Fitness Equipment

Compared to the high price tags of traditional at-home fitness equipment like treadmills, weights, and spin bikes, resistance bands are incredibly budget-friendly. For just a fraction of the cost, you can enjoy an effective workout that targets the same muscle groups without having to worry about storage or setup time. Plus, since the bands are portable and adjustable you can use them in almost any environment - making them a great choice for staying fit on the go!


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