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Written by our Human Movement Specialists

What are Custom Knee Braces?

We know no two legs are the same, not even your own. That’s why being measured for a custom knee brace ensures maximum fit, support, and most importantly your comfort.

Our trained Human Movement Specialists will help you find the best brace to meet your needs.

A custom knee brace is often recommended to treat moderate to severe ligament injuries, meniscus tears, or osteoarthritis. Their lightweight but sturdy frame stabilizes the knee joint during recovery and helps protect against future injuries.

How We Help

In order to determine which type of hinged knee brace will address your needs the best we need to get to know you first. Things we consider are:

  • Your story – We want to learn about all about you including your injury history and treatment plan.

  • Your lifestyle – We want to get you back to what you love. Taking your activity level into consideration is imperative to finding the best product match possible.

  • Your shape – We account for your height, weight, leg contours and circumference.

  • Body mechanics – We look at the angles of your leg from your hip to your knee, the ease at which you move, and consider other factors such as your flexibility and ability to put on and take off the brace.

Booking Appointments

Book an appointment to be assessed and measured for your custom knee brace!


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