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Written by our Human Movement Specialists

What are hiking poles?

You may have seen what appear to be cross-country skiers on your neighborhood sidewalks or local trails. However on second glance, you realize they are simply pedestrians using hiking poles on their leisurely walk.

A close up of a woman's feet while she is using hiking poles

Urban Poles as Exercise?

Don’t be fooled, this is no leisurely walk. Using hiking poles actually intensifies walking and can burn up to 47% more calories by engaging your arms and core. Nordic walking, or urban poling, is a new method of exercise that activates 90% of your muscles turning your walk, or hike, into a full body workout.

Man with hiking poles on top of mountain at sunset

Our Tips for using Urban Poles

  • Keep your elbows straight

  • Start slow

  • Your arms (and poles) should swing opposite to your legs

  • Gently push the pole into the ground to activate upper body and core muscles

Using Urban Poles requires a bit of practice and getting used to. You can visit any of our locations and one of our Brace Fitters will help you find the right model, size them for you and shoe you how to use them properly.

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