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Alleviate your knee pain 

Whether you're battling knee osteoarthritis, or a meniscus tear, we'll find an unloader knee brace to fit you and your lifestyle!*

*prescription required

A man walking in the woods with an ossur unloader brace to help with knee osteoarthritis

Freedom to walk with confidence

The pain, stiffness, and difficulty walking associated with osteoarthritis of the knee or a meniscus tear can be frustrating. But there's no need to live with knee pain! An unloader brace is an effective option to help you maintain everyday activities and get back to doing what you love the most.


Whether it's an off-the-shelf or a custom knee brace, you'll receive a personalized solution to fit your unique shape for optimal support and comfort.


Unloader knee braces are designed to shift pressure away from your affected knee joint, providing pain relief and
improving mobility.


Early intervention for knee osteoarthritis with an unloader brace can delay the need for more invasive treatments, like knee replacement surgery.

A man sitting on a couch wearing a custom knee brace

"Even after getting my custom knee brace they spent the time to adjust my brace until it fit properly for my needs.  I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with the service (and the after service) they provide.
Many thanks!"

Mehta P.

Movement Specialist assessing a man's knee for a custom unloading brace

Step into comfort

Find your personalized injury solution with Paris everyBODY!


With expert advice and a wide selection of premium knee braces, for osteoarthritis and meniscus injuries, you'll be fit with the right product the first time.

Our Movement Specialists work with you to determine whether or not an off-the-shelf or custom* knee brace is the best option to suit your needs. 

Take the first step towards less pain, enjoying activities you love, and feeling like yourself again!

*prescription required 

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