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Get Back in the Game!


Don't let knee pain sideline you any longer! From an  ACL tear to MCL injury, our custom knee braces are tailored to support your unique needs so you can get back to your favourite activity.


Our Movement Specialists with help you find freedom of movement with our selection of off-the-shelf and custom knee braces!

*prescription required

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Benefits of custom knee braces


Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions. Our custom knee braces are meticulously crafted to match the contours of your knee, delivering unparalleled comfort and support tailored specifically to your needs. 



The added support provided by custom knee braces can help alleviate pain associated with ligament tears by reducing strain on the injured ligaments and distributing pressure evenly across the knee joint.



Ligament tears can lead to instability, making activities such as walking, running, or playing sports challenging. The rigid frame and strapping system provide targeted support so you can move with confidence.



Featuring innovative materials like lightweight carbon fiber a hinged knee brace offers superior stability without compromising performance or flexibility after an MCL tear or other ligament injury.



By providing an extra layer of support and stability, custom knee braces, such as a brace for MCL or ACL, help reduce the risk of re-injury to your ligaments and allow you to safely return to your daily activities including sports.

A woman adjusting her custom knee brace for an ACL injury at the Vancouver Paris everyBODY location

As a highly active person who plays sports such as squash, golf, and rock climbing, tearing my ACL for the second time was a major setback. That's why I turned to Paris everyBODY for a custom knee brace. Andi and the team were fantastic in fitting me for the brace, which has allowed me to return to sports with full confidence.

- Melanie Jue, a 3x world champion for Team Canada in ball hockey and a former professional ice hockey player for the Kunlun Redstars.

The most common injuries occur to the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament, such as an MCL tear or ACL injury, but we have bracing options for all ligament injuries.

A man sitting on a couch putting on a custom knee brace for an ACL tear

In many cases, a knee brace for ACL or MCL instability offer invaluable support not only during the recovery process but also while waiting for surgery or post-operatively. These knee braces can serve as a long-term solution if you're facing chronic ligament issues or instability. By providing tailored support and protection, they will not only help while you heal but also give you the confidence to return to your favourite activity!

We make custom ligament knee braces by the leading orthopaedic brands including Donjoy, Ossur, and Breg!

Breg Fusion Custom Knee Brace for the medial collateral ligament
A man holding his Donjoy Reaction Web knee brace on his leg for a ligament injury.
Close up of a DonJoy Defiance knee brace for a MCL tear


Our Movement Specialists are expertly trained to  find & fit the best custom knee brace for your ligament injury. 

Book an appointment with us today to discuss

your options. *prescription required for insurance

A Movement Specialist measuring a client's leg for a custom knee brace
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