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Fit Tubes are a great way to add intensity and variety to your workout routine. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight tube that can be used for rehab purposes or a heavier option for full-body conditioning, Fit Tubes have you covered. With a resistance range of 4-26 pounds, these resistance tubes are perfect for targeting  your core, legs, and arms. Plus, the padded handles allow you to get a firm grip and keep your training comfortable.



  • Allows for muscle building, conditioning and functional training on the go for any experience level
  • Dynamic exercises to mix up your workout routine
  • The padded handles add comfort and security to your movements 


*The resistance level is based on 200% elongation which is how much the band is stretched beyond its original length. For example if you stretch one foot of tubing to two feet you have achieved 200% elongation which equals the specified weight equivalent.

Fit Tubes

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