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Written by our Human Movement Specialists

A true innovation in knee bracing

Knee braces have many functions and styles. Depending on your specific needs does depend on the required style. But, what if there was a knee brace that could cover all the different needs and styles? Enter the STOKO K1s.

What is unique about Stoko’s knee braces is that they are a pair of tights with a built in knee brace. This way you are wearing your knee brace in the athletic leggings you are already wearing. Wear them on their own or as a base layer for days on the slopes or on the ice.

Stoko uses a cable system to provide exceptional support to the knee regardless of how you move. Their cable system allows for the support of the knee brace to be customizable and provide as much or as little support as the wearer needs.

The Stoko knee brace best supports both the MCL and LCL. The cables run down, from the hip, beside the knee and anchors at the front of the shin. This cable pattern allows the brace to support the knee while allowing for movement. Since there is compression within the tights, they are also able to deal with some swelling of the knee.

Stoko has released a new version called K1 Breathe style which has panels of perforation in the fabric to allow for better airflow. Perfect for warmer months.

So, how do the Stoko’s compare to your standard, off-the-shelf, knee product? The big difference is the customizability of the knee brace. The wearer can decide how much support they desire at any given moment. Stoko braces have a Boa dial at the back of the waist to control the amount of tightness in the cables. The tighter the cables, the greater level of support they will provide. Furthermore, the Stoko braces have shown to have comparable support to some custom knee braces. Combine all these reasons together, plus the fact that you are getting a pair of tights with braces for both knees, and you get the STOKO effect.

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