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Ease The 
Strains of 

Growth spurts happen but pain shouldn’t have too! 

Is your child or teen complaining of Heel pain? Leg pain? Knee pain? Kids are adventurous by nature, don’t let aches & pains due to growing slow them down 

Whatever has them on the bench,
We've got them covered!

Orthotics going into a shoe to help with Sever's disease
Close up of a Bauerfiend knee brace
Woman using an exercise ball to strengthen her core

Custom Foot Orthotics

Bracing & Supports

Wellness Tools


Click here to read our blog posts about
Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, Sever’s disease, and
Shin Splints in Adolescents 

Like you don’t have enough to worry about as you’re kids get older,
try adding common conditions that affect young athletes like shin splints,
Osgood-Schlatter's disease, and Sever's disease to the list!


While this might sound daunting, they're not really diseases at all. Instead, they're symptoms of their bones growing faster than their muscles and tendons can keep up with. Sometimes, this growth can cause tension where their tendons connect to the bone, leading to discomfort, inflammation, or even a little bump on the back of the heel or the front of the shin.

The good news? With some professional advice and personalized solutions, we can help your kiddo continue doing what they love.

A young girl back to skating after finding a solution for her growing pains
A young holding a skateboard can't use it because of growing pains
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