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can benefit from compression

Compression socks are like a hug for your legs!

They apply targeted pressure to your legs which compress the walls of your veins to improve circulation and reduce leg pain.

Say hello to healthier legs by finding your perfect pair  today!

A man and a woman wearing compression socks going for a walk on a forest boardwalk on a sunny day





Benefits of Compression Therapy


Reduced Swelling

If you experience swelling due to pregnancy, prolonged standing or sitting (including on flights) compression socks can help by preventing fluid build-up in the legs.


Improved Circulation

Compression socks are tighter around your ankle, than at the top, to help push blood back to your heart. This can help prevent conditions such as varicose veins.


Revitalized Legs

There are athletic versions, like Coreshorts, to help prevent muscle cramps and strains, as well accelerate recovery time after activities like running, biking, hiking and more.

Compression is available for travel, sport, pregnancy, and more!

We've got a wide range of compression gear available. From compression socks to boost circulation, sleeves to prevent muscle strain, or Coreshorts for extra stability during intense activities, we've got you covered. Whether you're looking help with tired achy legs or improve your recovery, we have something for everyBODY!

We carry Sigvaris compression socks in off-the-shelf and medical grade levels.


Off-the-shelf are 15-20 mmHg to improve circulation, reduce swelling and prevent conditions such as spider veins. No appointment required!

Medical* grade are at least 20-30 mmHg & need to be prescribed for more serious conditions such as varicose veins, lymphedema, or post-surgery.


*Prescription required before booking an appointment.

Step into comfort!

A male and female Paris everyBODY employees welcoming clients at the Langley location

Our team of trained specialist are happy to answer your questions and help you  with anything you may need assistance with!

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