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Think you have an Ankle Sprain?


A sprained ankle is when the ligaments, connecting the bones of ankle together, get overstretched or tear. The severity or grade of ankle sprain depends on how much damage occurred to the ligament fibers. There are three grades of an ankle sprain:

Grade 1: stretch or slight tear with mild tenderness, pain & swelling but the ankle joint feels stable

Grade 2:  partial tear resulting moderate pain and swelling with possible bruising and difficulty weight-bearing

Grade 3:  a full tear resulting severe pain, swelling, bruising and inability to tolerate weight-bearing


The most common ankle sprain is an inversion ankle sprain. It is often called a “rolled” ankle because the foot rolls outward during running on uneven ground or suddenly changing direction in sports like soccer or basketball.

In order to prevent an ankle sprain from reoccurring, strengthening and stretching exercises can be beneficial in addition to wearing an ankle brace.

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How to treat your ankle:


The grade of the ankle sprain will determine the type of treatment required.

  • Grade 1 sprain, following the principles of R.I.C.E – rest, ice, compression and elevation are recommended.

  • Grade 2, in addition to the principles or R.I.C.E. an ankle brace for support may be necessary.

  • Grade 3, in addition to R.IC.E, an ankle splint will be necessary to immobilize the joint.